Committed to co-creating Harmony 
through Loving collaboration..
Dances of the Heart
A series of stories for children based on the adventures of two friends as they expand their perspective on how to deal with themselves and the world around them.

Tales from iOgOzi
Inspirational fantasies about a beautiful planet and how it creates itself.  
Poetry and articles inspired by personal experiences.
Committed to co-creating Harmony 
through Loving collaboration..
Tools and Meditation
   An overview
   The Breath

Links to other sites and resources that inspire Spiritual Expansion, Creative Expression, Art and that promote Peace
Inspirational Quotes
A collection of quotations that span the ages.
The Mission
The vision and mission of a growing collective of individuals dedicated to sharing their gifts and journey for the purpose of creating Joy, inspiring others and empowering all with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
Join in supporting a dream for world peace!
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